Max Scherzer leaves Matt Williams hanging, and to twist a little more

GiveMax Scherzer credit for being a fiery competitor, even if some of that fire was publicly and forcefully directed at his embattled manager Friday night. Give him zerocredit for having no chill after backingup his words.Scherzer kept himself in his start against the Marlinsbyemphatically telling Nats skipperMatt Williamshe “fing wanted” the next batter in a key moment.Williams, perhaps loath to further anger his $210 million right-hander,turned and walked back to the dugout.MORE: Hot seat! Should these managers be fired?Given how bad the Nats’ bullpen has been (and was again after Scherzer left the game ), Williams probably shouldn’t have bothered going out there.I asked him, ‘You want him (Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon)?’ He said, ‘Yeah.’ Among other things. I don’t know if you can read lips, Williams told reporters, according to The Washington Post.To Scherzer’s credit, he retired Gordonto end the seventh inning and preserve a tie. Kudos to him for making a pitch and showing he deserved to stay in the game.What happened afterward is where the whole thing went sideways, and where he created needle s drama:He left Williams hanging as he reached the dugout in what looked like a fit of pique.Everything is fine with the Nats why do you ask Brian Floyd (@BrianMFloyd) September 19, 2015That’s not good. Even though it appearedScherzer thankedWilliams (amateur lip-reader here), no dap is no bueno. Give the manager the bump, and then gostew some more on Carlos Rodon Jersey the bench.Scherzer said he has done the same thing(the yelling part, anyway)to Jim Leyland (an old-school, no-nonsense baseball man),Brad Ausmus (who reportedly is about to be out of a job) and severalpitching coaches. Still, his exchange with Williams came at a really bad time. He showed up amanager who is intensely disliked by fans.The seeming inability toturn off the switch will keep the chatter going forat least anews cycle or two.It’s better to give the appearance of “We’re good” than of “I’m still ticked that you tried to take me out, and I’m going to let everyone know it.”The Nationals won 5-4 in 10 innings after the ‘pen blew asave in the ninth, afterScherzer’s no-decision had been a sured. Washington stayed eight games behind the Mets in the NL East. A disappointing season moved one night closer to its end.And an unpopular manager became the focal point ofa visual that will help the situation in D.C. not at all.